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How Do I Switch Alliances?

First, leave your current Alliance: click on “Alliance”, “Manage Alliance”, “Leave Alliance”.

After you've left your current Alliance, click on the attached coordinates, pick an open space in the ocean, and select “Move Territory”. You must have a “Premium Move Ticket” to do this. You probably do have one, as you acquire them many ways and are unlikely to have moved often enough to exhaust your supply. If you do not, the $0.99 cent and $4.98 package deals in the game Store usually incl-ude one.

Please be aware that while you are encouraged to relocate inside our territory (the boundary of which is defined by the pink line surrounding our Fortress and members) so as to benefit from Alliance Skills based defense capabilities, you will be unable to raise a shield until your membership application has been accepted by an ad-min.

Click on any Alliance member, select “Details”, select “Alliance Info”, find the “Join Alliance” but-ton. Your application will be approved ASAP. Feel free to message me if you have issues, and to let me know you've applied.

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