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Minimizing Raid Damage

Strategies for minimizing the damage from being “hit” aka successfully attacked.

Staying shielded continuously is difficult (to say the least), especially when, like most of us, you usually only have 8 hour shields available.

This means you will occasionally be vulnerable to attack… and occasionally attacked. To minimize the impact of this (and the likelihood of being attacked at all, at least outside of the PvP Event), the best strategy is to leave little or no resources available for an attacker to carry off. Resources protected by your Depot building cannot be raided.

To see your Depot capacity, click on that building, and click Details. Compare the amount protected to the listed numbers: anything higher is vulnerable to being raided, and unless you plan to use it immediately, should be spent immediately or stored in the Alliance Depot.

Thanks to dedicated research and building, the G65 Alliance Depot has the capacity to store 3.9 million Food, Lumber and Silver in total, and 720,000 a day. Other Alliances have varying capacities in this respect. There is no limit on how much you can retrieve at one time… so, it is a great way to save up for a level upgrade. My advice is to prioritize storage of excess Lumber, Food and Silver (in that order).

Of course, it is possible to run up against the daily limit of storable resources or total capacity (for G65 members, the total limit should be enough to cover the cost of any upgrade though at least level 20 Fortress)… so what do you do then?

Spend it. Look through your available upgrades, find the most expensive one (usually your Fortress) available, and start it. If you don't have an available construction slot, use speed ups to accelerate completion of existing construction. You can upgrade several buildings in a short amount of time via speed ups, and thus run through a lot of resources. Speed ups do nothing for you sitting in inventory, so don't hesitate to spend them!

You can also do things that injure but don't kill pirates, especially if you have a lot of extra food to burn. Like activating auto hunt and targeting the highest level monsters you can handle. Or attacking the highest level EITC you can manage. Hitting high level merchants. Etc. Healing pirates chews up a lot of food.

Building Ships, if you've not already maxed out your options in that area, especially Galleons, will also eat a lot of resources, as will certain high level Research projects.

The damage from the attack itself is painful, but you can usually recover from most of the damage in about a day or two, by focusing on resource collection and trading (which l lets you buy materials at the market). SCARRRR and myself both dealt with this recently.

Ultimately, the thing to remember is: even if the worst case scenario occurs, and you do have a lot of resources exposed and stolen, which is incredibly frustrating… this is only a temporary set back. You will recover, as everyone around you has done. Repeatedly in most cases. Alliance support will help speed up the process, and the game has all sorts of recovery mechanisms: collecting, merchant and monster hunting, EITC farming.

Reach out to fellow Alliance members, have them open up RSS islands for you, knock out EITC defenses, identify Rich Islands, recommend strategy, etc. They're here to help. This is a team effort.

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