Welcome to Thomas Leavitt's Space.Org

A long, long, very gosh darned long time ago in a galaxy far, far, very gosh danged far away, I registered this domain while running Web Communciations, LLC, the world's first self-service web hosting company, founded in May of 1994 by myself and Chris Schefler (RIP). Since then, it has undergone a host of incarnations, but for the moment, it is basically my web playground.

Fortune says...

		 (  /\__________/\  )
		  \(^ @___..___@ ^)/
		   /\ (\/\/\/\/) /\
		  /  \(/\/\/\/\)/  \
		-(    """"""""""    )
		  \      _____      /
		  (     /(   )\     )
		  _)   (_V) (V_)   (_
		 (V)(V)(V)   (V)(V)(V)

PHP Code for Fortune

Source: Michel Kern's PHP Fortune extensively refactored by myself.

Pages Hosted By This Server

Bloody Old Men - wiki for an MMO Game Tribe I once ran in Disney Pirates of the Carribean - Tides of War aka ToW; you must register using your in game handle/name or some reasonable fascimile to view (registration now closed)