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A long, long, very gosh darned long time ago in a galaxy far, far, very gosh danged far away, I registered this domain while running Web Communciations, LLC, the world's first self-service web hosting company, founded in May of 1994 by myself and Chris Schefler (RIP). Since then, it has undergone a host of incarnations, but for the moment, it is basically my web playground.

Fortune says...

||								     ||
|| The FORTUNE-COOKIE program is soon to be a Major Motion Picture!  ||
||	   Watch for it at a theater near you next summer!	     ||
||								     ||
	Francis Ford Coppola presents a George Lucas Production:
			"Fortune Cookie"
	Directed by Steven Spielberg.
	Starring  Harrison Ford  Bette Midler  Marlon Brando
		  Christopher Reeves  Marilyn Chambers
		  and Bob Hope as "The Waiter".
	Costumes Designed by Pierre Cardin.
	Special Effects by Timothy Leary.
	Read the Warner paperback!
	Invoke the Unix program!
	Soundtrack on XTC Records.
	In 70mm and Dolby Stereo at selected theaters and terminal

PHP Code for Fortune

Source: Michel Kern's PHP Fortune extensively refactored by myself.

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